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Leadership Potential Evaluation (LPE)

c002Rozpoznať osobnosť, štýl vedenia, manažérsky potenciál aj schopnosti jednotlivcov pomocou LPE nástrojov, pomáha organizáciám pri výbere uchádzačov o zamestnanie a ich rozvoji. Podporujú organizácie, aby proaktívne budovali rebríček talentov na koučing, rozvoj, a plánovanie nástupníctva pre svoje súčasné či budúce potreby. Spojením s Business Leadership Coaching a Learning & Development je LPE dynamickým nástrojom, ktorý pomáha organizáciám rozvinúť potenciál u vybraných kandidátov na dosiahnutie vynikajúcich výsledkov ľudí ako aj celej organizácie.

Leadership Potential Evaluation (LPE)

Identifying personality/leadership styles, managerial potentials and individual competencies via LPE assessment tools helps companies select candidates for recruitment and development. It supports companies to proactively build a talent pipeline for coaching, development and succession planning to meet the current and future corporate needs. Used in conjunction with Business Leadership Coaching and Learning & Development, LPE is a dynamic tool helping companies unleash the potential of selected candidates to achieve optimal results for people excellence and organizational effectiveness.


Project Leadership Evaluation (PLE)

Complex, challenging situations require project managers to maintain their course of action, while remaining emotionally stable and motivated. They must also communicate effectively and motivate the team to accomplish project goals. In the context of these challanges, coaching assessments must provide mindful reflection of project processes, as well as the swift and clear translation of measures into action. 


Sales Potential Evaluation (SPE)

Sales Potential Evaluation yields a statistically reliably measure of sales potential and pinpoints areas for development. The SPE can be used for individuals, teams of a whole organization. The resulting profile permits the development of explicit recommendations that enable the manager to build on streghts and address weakness. 


Cooperation Potential Evaluation (CPE)

One fo the main success factors in a company is the ability to systematically evaluate an employee´s without managerial responsibility. The CPE is based on studies of the relationship between a consistemt, positive self-image and an individual´s success on the job. 


Team Potential Evaluation (TPE)

Successful teams are critical to organizational success. To improve team performance, TPE offers for team leaders to assess the current "fitness" level of a team based on key success dimensions. The TPE highlights the areas to change to improve overall team performance and teammember satisfaction. Assessment findings are reviewd with the team in a workshop setting. Goals and specific actions are identified for immediate implementation.